This week at MaeMae, we:

  • Agreed that pink is really great, all the time, on everything
  • Were super impressed by this DIY feature in Lonny Mag by Jenny Komenda (and celebrated the fact that Lonny is back)
  • Discussed the merits of vintage ephemera for design inspiration
  • Listened to the new Polica album on repeat
  • Celebrated being named Best Stationery by Minnesota Monthly in its November, Best of the Hidden Twin Cities feature!

What were the highlights of your week?

Happy Friday! We’re going to start posting recaps of life at MaeMae headquarters, and we’re starting with some shots from the last few weeks – it’s been busy, foggy and fun :) And in case you missed any of the blog posts, here’s a quick recap…over the last couple weeks, we:

1. Introduced Billingsworth, that guy who mixes a mean martini and sports buffalo plaid
2. Pulled photo samples and talked about different options for incorporating photos into announcements
3. Celebrated a New Orleans-inspired wedding that was featured in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Wedding issue
4. Talked about one of our favorite color combinations
5. Showed off our favorite print (it was featured in Rue Mag!)
6. Got really excited about the arrival of fall
7. Patted Drake, one of our collection suites, on the back for being so versatile
8. Discussed how obsessed Katie is with all things zebra and hosted an awesome giveaway!
9. Drooled over these beautiful styles from Bridal Fashion Week

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I am trying to write this without bursting into tears. Oh. Too late. Here they come…

Rose and I “met” in June 2010 after she emailed me in regards to my internship – the only problem – she lived in New Zealand! There was just something about the message she sent me and her sweet blog that made me feel like there could be something there. Since then she has assisted me from afar and we got to know one another through postcards, packages and Skype.

At the beginning of this year she told me that she and her boyfriend, Scott, were “keen” on coming to Lancaster so she could work in the studio with me. WHAT?! I felt so overwhelmed by the idea. It seemed too generous. Too big. She was willing to travel across this world to sit in my little studio? She said she was. So she came! And I will never be the same.

Rose just lit up my heart with her cheerfulness every morning and passion for her craft and MaeMae. With hers and Katie’s help we have finished the wedding collection and a little social stationery collection (launch next month!). But not only did we get a lot of beautiful work done these last 6 weeks (I am just bursting to show you all!) but I learned so much from Rose about what it means to be passionate, risk everything for your dreams, and how to be a superb friend. She is a gem and I miss her immensely. I have found a kindred spirit in her and am so excited for her as she pursues design full time when she returns home. I could go on and on about how lovely and fabulous Rose is but I will end up like last night when I had to say goodbye to her – crying in bed and then consuming an entire loaf of French bread with a stick of butter.

Rose – you have forever changed me and the way I view the world. Can’t wait until we are reunited. Thank you for everything. I am taking good care of the basil plant, Wally, and still polishing off the Hello Dollys.

All my love,


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One of the hardest things about being creative for a living is moving steadily (or at a million miles an hour!) forward daily instead of waiting for a stroke of inspiration to hit you. Sometimes in the middle of a project you just get that creative adrenaline rush and for me it reminds me of racing (when I used to swim in high school and college). You feel so strong and filled with energy. But most days aren’t like that which is why I try to arm myself with a toolbox of font, illustration, color, and style elements that represent the MaeMae brand. I also am always collecting images – on my phone, on my computer, and all over my studio walls. Last Friday I had one of those creative adrenaline rushes and was hurriedly grabbing a bunch of inspiration off my walls and flipping through the four (yes – four) notebooks I am currently taking notes in to start designing some of my social stationery collections. The above images are from various magazines, newspapers, and books and are hanging on my three bulletin boards, and my walls. It’s so funny to me how amongst all the things I have up that these images are so cohesive and perfectly represent the mood of what I am working on. Can’t wait to share the final product in September! Have a beautiful weekend!


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“Do not cling to old ways as you step into a new year.” -via
Whit. Photo by
Rewind Recolour.

I have never been more excited for a new year as I am to see 2011 finally here. What a year of growth, thrills, and inspiration. Thank you for your support + encouragement and get ready for everything I have to share with you this year!

Twenty things I am thankful for in 2010
1. provision
2. clients
3. my two interns
4. forgiveness
5. new life-long friends
6. faithful old friends
7. allergy shots
8. devotions
9. falling in love with Chicago
10. life with Jae
11. being published
12. new eats on our street
13. revisiting our honeymoon vaca
14. finding a mentor
15. becoming a mentor
16. discovering my love for styling
17. no bed time
18. Napster
19. more freckles
20. finding a dress for my launch party 

Eleven things I am looking forward to in 2011:
1. energy
2. working with stores
3. a new intern
4. no excuses
5. becoming an aunt
6. manicures
7. doctors, healing + health
8. first NYC trip
9. beating Jae in a rap contest
10. launch party
11. perfecting a chocolate cake reciepe

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Today is my twenty-fifth birthday! I don’t think I have been so excited for a birthday since I turned sixteen – you can drive, you’re half way through high school, you’re a legit teenager. While I might not be gaining any rights in the world for turning 25 I feel like I have arrived in the grownup world finally. I know I look young for my age (I was asked last summer what year I was in high school… hmmm… ) but I’m not going to let that bother me anymore because guess what world, I’m a quarter century old!

Above are photos from my sixteenth birthday party my parents threw for me in our backyard. I had about 20 of my favorite girlfriends over and we had dinner around the pool and danced in the gazebo. Most fun EVER.

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When I was little I was always jealous of the other kids in class whose grandparents had normal names like, “grandma + grandpa.” My brothers and I called our maternal grandparents by their Chinese titles: PoaPoa (grandma) and Gong Gong (grandpa). As a toddler my paternal grandma wanted me (the eldest grandchild) to call her “grandmother.” That didn’t really roll out easily of my two-year-old mouth and so I called my grandparents Goppy Gow (grandma) and Gumpa (grandpa). Made up words and phrases were kind of my thing. As I grew older I came to love the fact that they were uniquely mine through my renaming of them.
I lost Gumpa last Thanksgiving and yesterday my Goppy Gow passed away.
She was full of life, energy, and opinions. She always wore this stack of different sized and designed gold bangles on one arm and they would make so much noise whenever she would do anything. They are the perfect representation of her: unique, multifaceted, attention getting, and a little over the top. She was from Ireland and one of my favorite memories of her was when my dad got her to show me her Irish dancing (think Riverdance…) in her living room. Growing up she was some sort of celebrity in my world. She seemed so glamorous and knew all these little tidbits about how to do things right or politely that I never thought of.
Her personality and vivaciousness live on through my work today through
my collection Muriel, named after her. I love you, Goppy Gow. Your memory, lessons, and style will always be such a part of me.

Just had the most fun/relaxing/exciting/delightful vacas in SD with my Jae. Favorite two highlights:

1. interacting with the sweetest beluga whale
2. laying in front of our window one night looking out over downtown San Diego from the 26th floor

Thanks for the surprise weekend, Jae! I love you a million morsels!

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What kind of hubby spends his day off painting a 10 foot lettering project onto a wall with a small watercolor brush… OUTSIDE… when it’s 30 degrees? The best kind!!! MINE! Since I had to use a projector to get my design on the wall, it had to be done at night. Thanks, Jae! I love you.

There’s my nugget on a ladder with three sweatshirts and his cute hat.

Hello, MaeMae lovers! Sorry I have been out in the real world making a home and seeing family (and finishing the 2010 Bridal Collection!)

So when I was moving to the loft, I found loads of old art projects. Some flooded my mind with fond memories, some came out to play on my studio walls, and some made me bust out laughing in sheer horror and embarrassment for my college self. Can you even guess what this is??

I finally remembered that it was a knight. It looks like it has an old fashioned scuba mask on and is going to board the yellow submarine. I took a quick text poll of three friends on what to do with old artwork. Ruthi said keep half, throw the other half away. Shannon just flat out said keep it all. And Whit said make gifts out of it. Shannon’s birthday was a few weeks later, so I decided SHE could keep it. I created envelope liners out of it and made a little cloth pouch out of excess curtain material (so Maria von Trapp). The stationery cards are super thick watercolor paper. You could cut carrots with it. How yummy are the *new* spruce colored envelopes? Deeply delighted.

I still have 4 or 5 more prints of scuba knight if anyone else wants a set! Email at if you do.

I found this box when I dove deep into the MaeMae abyss while packing. I laughed so hard when I saw this. Are you kidding me, Megan. A box label telling me not to use it because the envelopes are crappy. Why would I keep that. It is RIP in the recycling now. I love purging. Glory.

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Me in the pool last weekend in Palm Springs with
Ruthi &
Shannon. You can see the whole thing on
Ru’s blog.

I am going to be absent for the next week plus as I move to this amazing work/live space for visual artists. I will have so much to share after the move. So excited to be surrounded by other like-minded people and have double the space to create in. I will have a studio AND a showroom to invite clients too. PURE BLISS.

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Does anyone want to go to Scott Schuman of
The Sartoralist book signing Oct. 22???

Los Angeles CA
Thursday October 22nd
The Beverly Center
8500 Beverly Blvd
8th Floor, Outdoor Terrace

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It was my dad’s birthday Sept. 28 and I created these Frank Lloyd Wright (his fav) inspired stationery pieces for him to send to clients, friends, etc. I think they were a big success :)

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