This is my favorite collection theme thus far: the goddess Artemis (or Diana for you lovers of Latin – that would be me). She reigns over the forest, moon, and hunting and is the perfect mix between masculine + feminine.

1. This image is so haunting and magical. Brilliant
Rodarte. does it again.
2 / 5 / 8. New illustrations / type combination for this collection.
3. Gorgeous vintage
book cover.

4. Forest royalty. Get your own

6. Goddess of the

7. Modern day Artemis / Diana. Pretty much all of J. Mendel’s
spring collection is.

9. Get ready for MaeMae wax seals. That’s so Roman. SORRY. DON’T KNOW THE IMAGE’S SOURCE.
10. I need about 20 spools. And
aren’t even selling them anymore. boo.
11. Major love for
this logo.

Have a beautiful weekend! xx, Mae.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou Dec. 19, 10

your blog is ADORABLE! I'm now your newest follower!
xox alison

size too small Dec. 16, 10

so amazing- i love a mood board.

molly Dec. 11, 10

you need spools? have you tried here:

— molly

angela hardison Dec. 10, 10

this is awesome. beautiful.

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