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Happy happy NEW YEAR, bloggies!! This last year has been such a year of learning and taking time to step back and reevaluate how I think and do things.

One of the greatest lessons I learned in 2013 was the power that lies in a TEAM.

Something that I personally worked on this last year was setting my priorities straight after allowing my work to become the center of my universe for five years. Through the encouragement of an amazing community of friends, my (**ahem** Emmy award-winning writer) husband, and my family, I have realized what I want to live for and have begun to set things right. What I was most surprised by is that when I began to see my business as a job (that I am still crazy passionate about) and not my life purpose, MaeMae actually began to move toward achieving its goals and thriving in a way it never could when I was responsible for everything.

And for this, I have Team MaeMae to thank —an incredibly talented and hardworking group of people who took on roles that fit their skill sets and passions and thus freed me up to do what I’m skilled and passionate about. Instead of caring about impressing people that I could do it all my own, I had my eyes open to the satisfaction and peace that comes from caring about PEOPLE and getting done what you told those people you were going to get done with excellence (and a little MaeMae flair…). From this change in perspective I came up with our company motto: People before Paper. (you can read more about this and my personal motto in my Everygirl interview)

Thanks to my talented and hardworking interns from 2013: Sara, Carla, Karin, Kenna, Morgan, and Jenny. It was so much fun to have you on board and I am so excited to see where your skills and creativity takes you.

And of course to my current team of three who are moving forward with me into 2014, Katie (studio manager), Anna (design apprentice + social media manger), and Ashley (designer), I am so appreciative that you chose to use your talents here at MaeMae and am so thankful that you always go above and beyond what your job requires to do everything brilliantly. Thank you for being a part of this journey and making MaeMae better than I could ever do alone.

A huge thank you also to my husband, Jason, for being our on-call IT guy (often via FaceTime..), our accountant, and all around partner in this business. Thanks for being patient, encouraging, and for always giving me grace. I appreciate and love you.

Now that you know the team, would you or someone you know be a great addition to it??! We are currently expanding Team MaeMae and are hiring a graphic designer. Read below for more info!

MaeMae Paperie is currently seeking a seasoned and confident full-time web and print designer to join Team MaeMae here in our Minneapolis home studio. This position will be given to someone who works well both independently and in a team. Because of the varied nature of our projects this designer must be flexible, resourceful, and eager to go above and beyond call of duty.

Design duties will include (but are not limited to):
+ illustrating
+ web and other multimedia outlets
+ custom wedding stationery, announcements, and holiday cards
+ branding, collateral, marketing materials, and packaging design
+ in-house design for new MaeMae products + marketing

+ fast working and deadline oriented
+ good listener, quick learner, swift executer
+ skilled illustrator with exceptional understanding of type design, composition, and color theory
+ experience with prepping files for print and using different papers and printing methods
+ experience in web design and prepping files for programming 
+ great communicator both verbally and visually

You can download our Designer Application here. The application is due Wednesday, January 15 by 6 PM CST. To be considered for our opening please send an email entitled “Designer Application” with your application and portfolio to jobs (at) maemaepaperie (dot) com in a single email.

Kristie Jan. 3, 14

Curious if out of town applicants might be considered, or if this is strictly in-house?

Michelle Walker Jan. 3, 14

Oh how I wish I lived in even the same continent! Love your work x

Ashley Jan. 2, 14

Megan, you’re such an inspiration! Working for you has been a highlight of my year. Can’t wait to find out who joins the team!

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