Consider yourself a calligrapher (or wannabe calligrapher)? Then today’s giveaway is right up your alley! The winner will receive a copy of Molly Suber Thorpe’s (of Plurabelle Calligraphy) new Modern Calligraphy! This book is chock full of step-by-step instructions, templates, inspiration and even advanced projects for when you want to take your lettering to the next level. 

Molly is an award-wining designer and calligrapher known for her contemporary hand lettering styles and unique, non-traditional letterforms. She loves working with her clients to get their custom lettering just right and considers the thrill of helping other’s visions come to life as one of the most rewarding feelings in the world (umm, we couldn’t agree more!).

We asked Molly what she would be if she wasn’t a calligrapher: “It’s funny because until a couple years ago I would have said author. Creative writing always has been one of my primary passions, and I pursued it quite seriously for many years. Now, I am an author, albeit of non-fiction, so I feel like two of my dreams have come true!”

Enter to win Modern Calligraphy by commenting below and sharing how you would use your new calligraphy skills (ex: for my nephew’s birthday invitations, just for fun, etc). One winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the blog Friday, April 18. U.S. entries only. 

While you’re waiting to see if you’ve won, hop over to the Plurabelle blog and shop – so much gorgeous lettering inspiration! AND if her book isn’t enough, Molly also has an amazing skillshare class available that shows how to make and digitize a logo in calligraphy. 

Thank you, Molly!

Beverly Apr. 28, 14

Oh I would love to use this to make extra pretty post-wedding Thank You notes!

Annie Apr. 17, 14

I can’t take my eyes off every letter! Would love this! I’d use it for gift tags, making cards with my cricut, for my kids’ parties, for thank you cards, for labeling and snail mail!

Elle Apr. 17, 14

So great! I would use to expand my lettering and have just for fun!!

Megan Sullivan Apr. 17, 14

I would love to continue to get better at modern calligraphy. I have started playing around with it lately in hopes to be skilled enough to use it to address our wedding announcements this fall. I also hope to be able to incorporate it into more of my design work. Here’s my first attempt at designing with calligraphy:

Malia Apr. 16, 14

I’m about to learn calligraphy, so I’d love to perfect and use it towards my future business!

Morgan Apr. 16, 14

I would use these materials in my graphic design practice … and might even write some love letters to my guy!

liz s Apr. 16, 14

I would love to win this prize to help me jump start a long forgotten talent and help me focus on being creative again.

Nicole Kong Apr. 16, 14

It has been years since I have tried my hand at calligraphy. Through the book, I will probably gain some pretty awesome skills and I hope to put them to use for Mother’s Day cards as well as eventually making poster size prints with simple phrases like “To the sunshine”

Stephanie Brocious Apr. 16, 14

I would love to develop my calligraphy skills to help me in my graphic design and hand lettering career! I’ve been wanting this book since the day it came out!

Mai Na Apr. 16, 14

I have just started to learn calligraphy! So far I love it! I have been using my new skills to help my sister with her wedding eenvelopes. If I win, I would use the techniques to continue improving my writing skills and move onto helping my sister write thank you notes, and beyond!

Lauren Apr. 16, 14

I would love to have this book! I started taking a lessons a few weeks ago, and while I have the basics down, I’m definitely ready to get a little more creative and amp-up my practice. I would pretty much use this for everything — writing letters, card-making, holiday tags, a very special upcoming birth announcement (my own child!)… the possibilities are endless.

Laura Apr. 16, 14

I’ve been taking calligraphy class but would love to have this book for further practice and inspiration. I’d love to start using more calligraphy in my card line and possibly start working as a calligrapher if I get good enough!

Nancy Apr. 16, 14

I have just started getting back into calligraphy after several years away. I’m loving it! Would love this book to help me with technique and inspiration!

Denae Brennan Apr. 16, 14

Molly is so talented! I would love her book to help further my skills. I’m a wedding planner and would love to be able to offer calligraphy for invitations, escort cards and other details as an additional service to my clients!

Debra Roller Apr. 16, 14

I always love having resources handy for reference and from what I hear this book is a must have. Calligraphy has been a great tool when creating logos, invites and all sorts of wonderful things for my little business.

Kerry Scott Grolle Apr. 16, 14

I’d love to be more confident in my calligraphy skills as I work on designing a very special birth announcement.

Carissa Baker Apr. 16, 14

I’m an artist and I do a lot of brushed lettering but I’ve never quite been able to master calligraphy. I’m also a lefty that holds like a righty and I’ve been eyeing this book on Amazon!

Rachel Apr. 16, 14

I love this! I have always had an interest in calligraphy and different lettering practices. I’m a designer and work on the computer all day, but would love to spend more time with a pen and paper. This would be perfect because I would use this to help me address our wedding invitations for this fall! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway!

Megan Hayes Apr. 16, 14

I have recently fallen in love with modern calligraphy and would love to dive into this book and learn from the best ! Someday soon I’d love to start an Etsy shop and incorporate modern calligraphy into what I might offer in the shop.

Jasmine Apr. 15, 14

I have recently rekindled my love for hand lettering and calligraphy, and when I began my research, Molly’s work would always be part of it. Her work is very inspirational, and she has completely shown us a different yet fun side to calligraphy by giving it a much needed makeover. Modern Calligraphy is currently becoming popular, as more and more people realize how valuable handwritten notes and things are! It seems practical nowadays, but not everyone can just do it — that’s why her book would definitely give the readers a walkthrough on how it can be achieved, with the right tools and techniques. And we should all be thankful that she came up with her book, a masterpiece for fanatics of artisanal crafts! I believe Molly is one of the rockstars of the calligraphy world, and owning a signed copy of her book will inspire me to pursue calligraphy! :)

Praise Diokno Apr. 15, 14

I’ve been appreciating calligraphy for quite a while now, but it was only weeks ago when I finally bought my first nib, holder and bottle of ink. I’m getting into it so much! It feels so much better actually doing calligraphy than just looking at other people’s outputs.
My friend is having her debut this May. I volunteered myself to write the names on the invitations as a gift and to hone my skills at the same time. I want to continue doing this for my other friends and share them the wonders of calligraphy! :D
The modern calligraphy scene in the Philippines is just starting to boom, so I don’t have much people around me who can help. I know the book Modern Calligraphy will totally teach a lot! I hope I can have it. :)

Denny C Apr. 15, 14

Gonnabe! I am excited to reconnect with calligraphy after many moons have passed and my children are finally raised! Thanks for the opportunity to get my hands on this beautiful book!

Rochelle Apr. 15, 14

I would use this book just for fun, lettering for around my house, cards, gifts, and more. I’ve taken a basic calligraphy course and would love to incorporate a modern spin to it!

Adriana Rubiano Apr. 15, 14

I’ve always been obsessed with hand lettering… I love creating fonts and dingbats for my design products. When I saw Molly’s Instagram profile, I was really amazed with her work! A book like this would be an amazing source for experimenting and clearing some doubts I have on the subject.

Anna Apr. 15, 14

I recently learned Copperplate but love Molly’s contemporary style. This book would be such a great resource to further my new skills!

Rachel Apr. 15, 14

I love calligraphy!! I’ve been trying to learn on my own. I would love this book to further improve my skills to create greeting cards for family and friends, also to create my own invitations.

kile Apr. 15, 14

Lettering has been my passion for quite some time now.. although I still have a lot to learn, my favorite thing to do is share my love with my family and friends! From home made cards, to making announcements for friends (like ” only child expires May 2014!”) It means so much when I can do something I love so much and it can bring so much joy to others :-) if I won the book, I would begin working on things for my wedding, which is in October of next year! Thanks for keeping such a beautiful art form alive!

Katie Kelley Apr. 15, 14

My coworker, Lisa, is a very talented designer who also does hand lettering. She is always doing hand lettered projects from posters to invitations for friends and family. She recently designed invitations for my mom’s 60th birthday. I would give this book to her for inspiration and as a momento to show how great her work is and how inspiring her passion for design is to others.

Miia Guinn Apr. 15, 14

A beautiful way to express all that you love in life.. To have the knowledge to cause joy through writing words and phrases is such a gift .

Sam Allen Apr. 15, 14

Oh this sounds like such an awesome resource!! Same as a few above, I’m new to calligraphy but I do have an Etsy shop that I sell my many hand lettered products. I would use these official techniques to improve my shop products and beyond!

Krissy Nielsen Apr. 15, 14

I am obsessed with calligraphy, just haven’t had the chance to dive in. I am a masters student in urban design and would use my new found skills to add uniqueness to my streetscape and urban design plans. And also for fun :). Thank you!

Stephanie Apr. 15, 14

I just recently became obsessed with calligraphy. I’m still far from being anywhere close to good at it, and would love this book to help improve my skills! I love using calligraphy to not only replace my regular handwriting, which isn’t particularly pretty, but also for writing and sending old fashioned notes to friends and family.

Tatiana Apr. 15, 14

I’ve been trying to get the hang of calligraphy for a bit now and it’d be great to strengthen my new skills with some proper guidelines. I’m in a wedding soon and I’d love to do the bride’s envelopes as a gift. It’d be nice if they looked a little more, y’know, stately so, Molly’s help would be awesome.

Whe Apr. 15, 14

I will not dare call myself a calligrapher but I love beautiful writing, I’ve got lots of notebook with doodles. I have bare walls in my room, It would be nice to put up some pretty writings on the wall. I hope to win the book even if I am from overseas. :) (I am from the Philippines)

Tatiana Apr. 15, 14

I’ve been trying to get the hang of calligraphy for a bit now and it’d be great to strengthen my new skills with some proper guidelines. I’m in a wedding soon and I’d love to do the bride’s envelopes as a gift. It’d be nice if they looked a little more, y’know, stately so, Molly’s help would be awesome.

Lisa B. Apr. 15, 14

I’ve fallen in love with calligraphy! I’m just a beginner so Molly Suber Thorpe’s book would be oh so helpful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jillian Apr. 15, 14

I’m a wannabe for sure…have been wanting this book for awhile now. I would use it to improve my chalkboard signs I do for weddings and hopefully to start a business in the future. Hope I win!

Darula Apr. 15, 14

I’m hooked! Calligraphy has captivated me since I was a little girl, something about the ribbon-flowing sentiment-evoking dance that plays between each letter/word/assemblage. I’ve done calligraphy orders on the side, and utilized my nibs in my graphic designs the past 5yrs. My self-taught approach has an eagerness to learn new techniques/mediums, and I would giddily flaunt your book as a coffee table beaut + cherish it as an ink-blotted resource! Congratulations on achieving two of your most dear dreams!

I am learning calligraphy right now, and I could so use this book! Great giveaway!

jennie Apr. 15, 14

i’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy since i was 6 years old, lugging around a beginners calligraphy (marker) kit and journal. now many, many moons later, i’m still hoping to learn one day. this book will be the kick start i need! how fun would it be to plaster calligraphy all over my son’s room, haha.. eeek hope i win!

Yvonne Morales Apr. 15, 14

Wannabe. Calligrapher in search of inspiration! I’ve heard this book is amazing and would really help my skills to improve!

Myndi Apr. 15, 14

I adore her calligraphy style! I am just learning calligraphy and this book would be the perfect guide as I begin! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    Molly Suber Thorpe Apr. 30, 14

    Hi Myndi! You are the winner of my book! Congratulations! Please send your shipping information to so that we can get a signed copy out to you right away.

Patricia Wiskur Apr. 15, 14

Confession! I bought the book and am practicing every night, but would love the book for my grown daughter, who is more the artist than me, because we get together and journal and paint when we can. If she had the book, she would be learning and practicing so that when we are together, we could swap our expertise and continue our journey to fine art lettering together. I feel a little oink-oink for putting my name in the hat since I already have a copy (which already has ink splats on it), but it would be fun to share my journey with my daughter because we give each other ideas.

Elvia B. Apr. 15, 14

I love calligraphy; I’m currently learning calligraphy and trying to improve my skills. I would use my calligraphy skills to write encouraging and inspiring notes for my family, friends and coworkers. Thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful and inspiring book.

Susie N Apr. 15, 14

I started learning Copperplate calligraphy online a few weeks ago. Would love to use my calligraphy skills to address my Christmas cards this year. :)

Elvia B. Apr. 15, 14

I love calligraphy; I’m currently learning calligraphy and trying to improve my skills. I would use my calligraphy skills to write encouraging and inspiring notes for my family, friends and coworkers. Thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful and inspiring book.

Desiree Espada Apr. 15, 14

I am so in love with this book! I have an affinity for handwriting and would love to use it to practice my calligraphy. I have been writing letters to my grandmother in Puerto Rico for over 20 years (I live in Texas). I dont get to visit her very often and this is how we share our day with each other. I am always writing in cursive and doodling and really have a desire to take my skills to another level by learning the art of calligraphy. XO

Anne Apr. 15, 14

I’m a novice calligrapher looking to learn new styles and techniques, so this would be an amazing book to have in my reference collection. I hope to win!!

Nicole Y Apr. 15, 14

I’m definitely a wannabe calligrapher! I am always doodling and trying to write creatively or copy fonts. I would love to learn the proper technique and also use it on my chalkboards at home and on hand written notes and cards! I really hope I win the book!!!!!!

Katie Beth Owens Apr. 15, 14

I would LOVE to win this book! I think it would help me with my custom invitation and announcement designs. I’ve been working on my calligraphy and I think this would be a great tool to help better my skill. I really love her style!

Elle Apr. 15, 14

Just got a calligraphy starter kit and think this book would be soo helpful!! I’d use it to expand my lettering selection for invite addressing and just for fun too!

Jennifer Apr. 15, 14

I love calligraphy. I’ve taken a couple of classes, but am really looking to improve my skills and this book would help!

Stacy Apr. 15, 14

Would love to start using hand work in my designs! Sometimes the “just right” font is impossible to find so I would love to be able to create it myself. My 80 year old mother does traditional calligraphy and I would love to share this book with her as well. Going to go look at her Skillshare class too. So wonderful when people are so willing to share their talents.

Jenny Apr. 15, 14

Ooooh pick me pick me! I just started calligraphy and I have a long ways to go. I would LOVE this so much to help me get better. What a great giveaway!!

Krista Apr. 15, 14

Calligraphy is one of my newest passions! I Have mad respect for those who are truly gifted in calligraphy! It really is an art of its own! I would use my new calligraphy skills to help boost my stationary shop on etsy, called Tuleigh!

Kim Apr. 15, 14

Awesome post! I love this website. As an artist and designer, I work with typography on a daily basis. Although I’ve done a lot of hand lettering over the years for rough pencil comps, I’ve always wanted to incorporate calligraphy into my works.

Bee Apr. 15, 14

‘Frustrated wannabe calligrapher’ that’s me. Something I would adore to learn. Being a letter writter at heart, what better combination could there be than beautiful penmanship? To add this book MODERN CALLIGRAPHY to my library would be wonderful. xo Bee

Jessica Apr. 15, 14

I’d love to improve my calligraphy skills to start incorporating my own calligraphy into my design work. I took a look at the book on amazon and it’s so easy to read! Seems like a really useful tool.

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