Rue Magazine launched today and I am so thrilled (understatement!) and honored to be a part of it.  Founded by two style-setting bloggers,
Crystal +
Anne, Rue is a beautiful interior + design focused online publication. I had the privilege of working with the two editors on a free download for the readers and two of the magazine’s story designs AND had the great pleasure of meeting the fantastic interior photographer,
Laure Joliet, for my studio tour styled by one of my favorite friends and genius stylist,
Summer Watkins. Above is a mix of photos both from Laure and myself as well as the story that is in Rue. I am so thankful for the chance to work with other creative people who love to both inspire and make beautiful things.

biancarosu Oct. 26, 10

Admiring work space!!! very flattering, eye candy. Love it !!! It's so good we have people like you, so creative . Now I wanna have something like that myself. :)

tokketok Oct. 7, 10

your studio and work is just stunning! a well deserved feature! congratulations!

New Species: Julie Discovered in Rainforest Sep. 28, 10

Is this real life? I'm stunned by how gorgeous your workspace is. And, as always, I'm so impressed by the gift God has given you.

Truly Smitten Sep. 23, 10

omg, your studio space is truly stunning!!! I WANT!!! Congratulations on the awesome feature!!

Dani Sep. 21, 10

I read this & immediately sought out Rue. I hadn't heard of it until now. I'm so happy I know of it & that you're featured in it! Your work is fabulous as always & you already know my sentiments about your studio. I'm so inspired by you!

Ulmer Studios Sep. 20, 10

Love it!
Totally wish you lived closer we'd come hang out in your office for lovely inspirations!
It was great working with you!
We think we are due for a skype call!!!!

Hope all is well!


Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha Sep. 20, 10

Just found you through Rue. Wow, girl, not only are you gorgeous, but so is your work and your studio space. I'm a fan! Can't wait to see more! I wrote a little blurb about my fave inspirations from Rue on my blog. You're on there if you wanna check it out!

eleanor greer. Sep. 17, 10

there is excellent light in all of these images! nice, nice and NICE to see your face and studio.

Two Brunettes Sep. 17, 10

Totally loved seeing your studio in Rue, and such a wonderful download you designed!

jessica lynn Sep. 17, 10

GORGEOUS! Can you come and design MY office?!?! i love! how can you not be inspired daily!?

Jaszmurka Sep. 17, 10

Beautiful studio… colors, shapes…mmm like a dream ♥

Anonymous Sep. 17, 10

Megan, ur studio and ur work just rule!! Im so glad, i've got the most of ur samples on the corkboard in my “studio” in Poland:) Ur still my biggest inspiration, Megan!
Congrats and hugs from Poland!
Asia Jaworska

shannon leith Sep. 17, 10

megan you are so stunning in that first picture. oh my GOSH. megan. you are gorgeous.

rachel Sep. 17, 10

loooove your studio space, your outfit, your smile! megan, you rock.

ever ours Sep. 17, 10

yay! congrats…the studio looks so neat!

lepetitdoodler Sep. 16, 10

yay, maemae! congrats!

Lyndsay Sep. 16, 10

What a fantastic feature – it's lovely to get a peek inside your studio and you look fabulous. Congratulations!

Emilee Sutherland Sep. 16, 10

I was SO excited when I started reading the mag and saw you – so happy for you!

{lauryl} Sep. 16, 10

So so SO gorgeous! Absolutely stunning spread, and you look fab too! xoxo

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