This week at MaeMae, we:

Agreed that PINK is really great, all the time, on everything
Were super impressed by this DIY FEATURE in Lonny Mag by Jenny Komenda (and celebrated the fact that Lonny is back)
Discussed the merits of VINTAGE EPHEMERA for design inspiration
Listened to the new POLICA album on repeat
Celebrated being named BEST STATIONERY by Minnesota Monthly in its November, Best of the Hidden Twin Cities feature!
What were the highlights of your week?

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Just a few months back, the MaeMae team moved out of Megan’s downtown Minneapolis apartment into a new studio just a few blocks away. Since then we’ve had fun sharing the decorating progress (as you can see here, here and here), and are now thrilled to be able to show off the new space in it’s entirety thanks to the recent issue of Mpls St Paul Magazine! Check out the article for more photos (AND for bonus shots of Megan’s apartment – seriously so good).

Thanks Mpls St Paul Magazine (and Wing Ta for the photos)!

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Together with the incredibly talented storyteller, Maribeth Romslo, of Hello Sunshine Films, we are creating the MaeMae Movie!! It’s all about our process of sourcing and cataloging inspiration to apply to our client’s projects as well as some in-house experiments (and in the future: products!). Here are a few behind the scenes moments Katie took. You can see more on instagram here.

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photos of my home studio from my Instagram.

Happy happy NEW YEAR, bloggies!! This last year has been such a year of learning and taking time to step back and reevaluate how I think and do things.

One of the greatest lessons I learned in 2013 was the power that lies in a TEAM.

Something that I personally worked on this last year was setting my priorities straight after allowing my work to become the center of my universe for five years. Through the encouragement of an amazing community of friends, my (**ahem** Emmy award-winning writer) husband, and my family, I have realized what I want to live for and have begun to set things right. What I was most surprised by is that when I began to see my business as a job (that I am still crazy passionate about) and not my life purpose, MaeMae actually began to move toward achieving its goals and thriving in a way it never could when I was responsible for everything.

And for this, I have Team MaeMae to thank —an incredibly talented and hardworking group of people who took on roles that fit their skill sets and passions and thus freed me up to do what I’m skilled and passionate about. Instead of caring about impressing people that I could do it all my own, I had my eyes open to the satisfaction and peace that comes from caring about PEOPLE and getting done what you told those people you were going to get done with excellence (and a little MaeMae flair…). From this change in perspective I came up with our company motto: People before Paper. (you can read more about this and my personal motto in my Everygirl interview)

Thanks to my talented and hardworking interns from 2013: Sara, Carla, Karin, Kenna, Morgan, and Jenny. It was so much fun to have you on board and I am so excited to see where your skills and creativity takes you.

And of course to my current team of three who are moving forward with me into 2014, Katie (studio manager), Anna (design apprentice + social media manger), and Ashley (designer), I am so appreciative that you chose to use your talents here at MaeMae and am so thankful that you always go above and beyond what your job requires to do everything brilliantly. Thank you for being a part of this journey and making MaeMae better than I could ever do alone.

A huge thank you also to my husband, Jason, for being our on-call IT guy (often via FaceTime..), our accountant, and all around partner in this business. Thanks for being patient, encouraging, and for always giving me grace. I appreciate and love you.

Now that you know the team, would you or someone you know be a great addition to it??! We are currently expanding Team MaeMae and are hiring a graphic designer. Read below for more info!

MaeMae Paperie is currently seeking a seasoned and confident full-time web and print designer to join Team MaeMae here in our Minneapolis home studio. This position will be given to someone who works well both independently and in a team. Because of the varied nature of our projects this designer must be flexible, resourceful, and eager to go above and beyond call of duty.

Design duties will include (but are not limited to):
+ illustrating
+ web and other multimedia outlets
+ custom wedding stationery, announcements, and holiday cards
+ branding, collateral, marketing materials, and packaging design
+ in-house design for new MaeMae products + marketing

+ fast working and deadline oriented
+ good listener, quick learner, swift executer
+ skilled illustrator with exceptional understanding of type design, composition, and color theory
+ experience with prepping files for print and using different papers and printing methods
+ experience in web design and prepping files for programming 
+ great communicator both verbally and visually

You can download our Designer Application here. The application is due Wednesday, January 15 by 6 PM CST. To be considered for our opening please send an email entitled “Designer Application” with your application and portfolio to jobs (at) maemaepaperie (dot) com in a single email.

This week at MaeMae, we:

  • Agreed that pink is really great, all the time, on everything
  • Were super impressed by this DIY feature in Lonny Mag by Jenny Komenda (and celebrated the fact that Lonny is back)
  • Discussed the merits of vintage ephemera for design inspiration
  • Listened to the new Polica album on repeat
  • Celebrated being named Best Stationery by Minnesota Monthly in its November, Best of the Hidden Twin Cities feature!

What were the highlights of your week?

Happy Friday! We’re going to start posting recaps of life at MaeMae headquarters, and we’re starting with some shots from the last few weeks – it’s been busy, foggy and fun :) And in case you missed any of the blog posts, here’s a quick recap…over the last couple weeks, we:

1. Introduced Billingsworth, that guy who mixes a mean martini and sports buffalo plaid
2. Pulled photo samples and talked about different options for incorporating photos into announcements
3. Celebrated a New Orleans-inspired wedding that was featured in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Wedding issue
4. Talked about one of our favorite color combinations
5. Showed off our favorite print (it was featured in Rue Mag!)
6. Got really excited about the arrival of fall
7. Patted Drake, one of our collection suites, on the back for being so versatile
8. Discussed how obsessed Katie is with all things zebra and hosted an awesome giveaway!
9. Drooled over these beautiful styles from Bridal Fashion Week

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And here are some photos from my instgram from the studio. Do you ‘gram!?? Follow me!

I am about 80% settled into my new studio space! And now it’s time to bring in some new talent! I am now accepting interns for this fall semester. The internships will start on Oct. 8 and will run for the length of time that is required or desired by each intern.

MaeMae Paperie is a unique stationery and design studio from Los Angeles, California that relocated to downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota this past April.

DESIGN INTERN / download the application here / We are accepting 3-6 month internships (non-paid) for those interested in the design + stationery industry. School credit preferred though not required.

Through the many wonderful interns that have worked with me both here in Minneapolis and in Los Angeles, I have formed a curriculum that we will follow to make sure that the young designers who come through the studio will get to experience and practice most of the necessary tasks and lessons that are essential to a professional designer. My goal for every intern is that they will walk away feeling prepared and equipped to begin a fruitful career in the creative industry.

After completing the internship, paid positions for further design work may be considered. To be considered for our openings please send an email entitled “Internship Application” with your .PDF portfolio (no more than 10 MB) resume, cover letter + answered questions to jobs (at) maemaepaperie (dot) com. You can retype the questions or print, write + scan them to the studio. DO NOT answer the questions in the email body.

Required skills:
+ proficiency in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Word, and Excel
+ great understanding of type design, composition, and color theory
+ consistent availability
+ open to new ideas + learning
+ respectful, great communicator, exemplary work ethic
+ tidy + organized

Things you will learn during your internship:
+ how to successfully collaborate with clients
+ methods and systems to approach new projects
+ problem solving and appropriate ways to handle difficult people and situations
+ print techniques, proper print preparation, references to good printers
+ how to work well in a team
+ insane attention to detail
+ pretty packaging and presentation for clients


This summer I had five of the most wonderful ladies intern for me. They all were so hardworking, positive, talented, and brought loads of beautiful work and joy to the studio. I asked them all to share a little bit about their experience here:

Q: What is something you learned about the design process while here at MaeMae?

Stacia (University of Minnesota, 2013): I gained a lot of confidence while working at MaeMae because I found I have the capabilities to do a lot more than I thought, if I just allow some time for it. I would be given projects sometimes (like some of the map projects) and immediately freak out a little bit. I would tell myself I had no idea what I was doing. When I stepped back, did a little research, and just took time to create the image I had in my head, I had no problem with it. I think this is invaluable as a designer, I feel like I am almost capable of creating anything now! I also learned how to create a process that works for me. In my classes we are often times forced to all do the same amount of sketches and from there, follow an identical process. I feel Megan’s process works a lot better for me, which is why I’m thankful for this experience! Megan seeks more inspiration and categorizes ideas into themes. I think this works well with clients too; they feel as though they are part of the process and the designer isn’t blindly guessing at what the client wants.

McKenzie (Bethel University, 2013): I think the biggest thing I learned about the design process is that going out and looking for inspiration is a great way to get started on a new project. Not only does it motivate you to want to create more it also makes you aware of what is being created and also who is creating it. Being aware of your audience as well as your fellow designers is important. I realized that I can get inspiration from other pieces while still sticking to my own design style to create something completely original. For some time I was hesitant to look up inspiration pieces because I wasn’t sure how much of the idea was becoming my own. The more I design the more I am realizing my style and how to make work an original McKenzie!

Kailene (University of Minnesota, 2013): Versions. Versions, versions, versions. Until now, I had only really worked on multiple versions at the very rough stage. However, working at MaeMae taught me how to create many finished versions for the same client in order to offer them multiple choices at a well-defined stage.

Q: What is something you are taking away from this internship that will help you with future design jobs with either a firm or your own clients?

Anne (Maryland Institute College of Art, 2014): The client/designer relationship is a bit of give and take. It’s important to respond to the clients needs, but also just as important to direct them to a better outcome using your own unique vision and knowledge as a designer.

Johna (Minneapolis Community and Technical College, 2012 – during her last week here Johna accepted a job at Ultra Creative!! SO PROUD OF HER!): I learned that clients will respect you more if you set deadlines and non-negotiables from the start. Having not done much freelance work before, I was wary about telling people they only get “x” amount of revisions etc. You taught me that people would understand and respect you more if you are firm about your process.

McKenzie: Two things I learned about interacting with clients is that customer service and learning to not take things personally are key. First and foremost when working with a client you need to keep their concerns high and take responsibility even when it may not be your fault. As the designer it is important to stand up for yourself but also know when to put your pride aside. The same goes for how a client responds to your work. If they do not agree with you on a design matter you can be clear about your view however you must again put your pride aside and not be stubborn. In a way you are working on a team with a client  and so compromise is necessity. As I mentioned previously it is also important to communicate clearly and efficiently while understanding that you work for the client.


Thank you for your interest in our internship!
No calls please!


MaeMae is hiring in Minneapolis! MaeMae Paperie is a unique stationery and design studio from Los Angeles, California relocating to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are so excited to bring some fresh talent to the MMP studio. There are two positions open:

DESIGN ASSISTANT / download the application here / We are looked for a seasoned designer who can manage custom projects, assist with the growth of the business, and client relationships. This is a full time position. To be considered for our openings please send an email entitled “Design Assistant Application” with your .PDF portfolio (no more than 10 MB) resume, cover letter + answered questions (next 4 pages) to

Design Assistant duties will include:

+ project management (work with clients from start to finish on custom projects)
+ creating new wedding stationery and social stationery products
+ styling and photographing product for website and line sheets
+ website updates
+ inventory management
+ updating social media
+ managing advertising and promotion of MaeMae to clients and others in the industry

Required Skills:

+ extensive experience and mastery of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
+ proficiency in Word, and Excel
+ works with confidence and swiftness
+ mastery of type design, composition, and color theory
+ takes initiative on projects assigned and generates original ideas generated on his/her own
+ takes instructions well and remembers how to complete tasks
+ takes criticism well and learns from it
+ respectful, great communicator, works well with others, exemplary work ethic
+ tidy + organized

DESIGN INTERN / download the application here / We are accepting 3-6 month internships (non-paid) for those interested in the design + stationery industry. School credit preferred though not required. After completing the internship, paid positions for further design work may be considered. To be considered for our openings please send an email entitled “Internship Application” with your .PDF portfolio (no more than 10 MB) resume, cover letter + answered questions (next 2 pages) to You can retype the questions or print, write + scan them to the studio. DO NOT answer the questions in the email body.

Design Intern duties will include:

+ illustrating
+ fulfilling online orders
+ fulfilling wedding collection orders
+ text proofing
+ prepping files for print
+ packaging + shipping
+ quoting + invoicing

Required Skills:

+ proficiency in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Word, and Excel
+ great understanding of type design, composition, and color theory
+ consistent availability
+ open to new ideas + learning
+ respectful, great communicator, exemplary work ethic
+ tidy + organized

This position is still open and the start date will be the 2nd or 3rd week of April! No calls please!

All of the gorgeous photos above are by Charley Star for my studio feature in Utterly Engaged that launched today! Check it out for a sneak peek of the new collection! The whole collection will be unveiled on the site tomorrow!

Saturday was one of my biggest dreams – EVER – realized. Audrey – thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me three years ago and for encouraging me since then to push my craft, inspiring me to make a wedding collection, and for hosting such a fabulous party for MaeMae. This is huge. Thank you Elizabeth, Courtney, and Kay for making the day so smooth and to Maureen for stopping in to see it too :)

Thank you so much to everyone who came out (even during the rain!) and for all my friends and family who supported me from afar with letters, emails, texts, and tweeets :) My supportive family and Whit came all the way from Arizona (and Colson from Moreno Valley) just for the day and I know many of you drove long distances throughout Southern California to make it. I so appreciate it and will never forget the day. Thank you to Summer for making everything gorgeous and tasty and to Lindsay for assisting with all that beautification. Thank you to my assistant, Caitlin, for pulling such long hours with me the past few weeks! Also – anyone in the San Diego area that is looking for a designer email Caitlin! She will be moving there soon! Thank you my sweet, Jae, for hauling box after box and for forcing me to eat that bagel egg sandwich and OJ (sorry Whit for spilling it on you.. oppsie!) while we were all just throwing stationery, flowers, and punch into the air hoping it would all land and the store would look perfect. Thank you also for napping curled up like a little baby in the corner of our couch because stationery is literally covering every inch of half our home. You know I can never do anything without you.

All of these stunning photos are by Lehua Noelle with the help of Jenna Bartlo. I spent all Sunday just telling Jae how much I loved them.

Time to cook up some more dreams now… Oh and find a new home, pack, and move.

Photos of the collection coming Wednesay morning!

So (as everyone always says..) I want to be more consistent with my  blogging! No! I’m for real! You have no idea how my photos I have taken but never blogged. So sad. Thursdays are going to be my Studio Peek day with a look into what happened during the week. This week has been so incredible. I have never worked as much and as hard as I have the past three weeks but I have also never been so happy to put in a weeks worth of 14 hour days. Loving every moment. That sounds so annoying and cheesy – but it’s the truth people. It’s always so incredible how much your friends step up and step in when your load is heavy. Today two of my dearest friends, Jocelyn + Ruthi are here at the studio helping me assemble my albums and wrap everything up for the trunk show. My incredibly brilliant and faithful friend Summer saved my day by stepping in and helping me with ALL the food for Saturday (and she already has all these stying ideas for it. typical Sums), and WHIT!!! my oldest and truest surprised me by flying in from Phoenix for this weekend! WHAT! so beyond. Such a gift. Bestest friends ever. And my hubs has been grocery shopping and feeding me this entire time. He makes a mean Ling Ling potsticker. And he still loves me when I don’t brush my hair or go outside for three weeks. AND My endlessly supportive and proud parents and 2 little (but bigger than me) brothers (see Colson’s site here) are also all coming to see me this weekend. And on top of all that – wait there’s more?! – Miss Rose bought a ticket to come visit me in Minneapolis in May. No words.

So take all of that love and then combine it with what was happening on my desk (above photos) as I prep to styling and shot the entire collection and it equals total bliss. The last photos is by the talented Charley Star for the upcoming issue of Utterly Engaged featuring the new MaeMae wedding collection! (that’s the wedding album cover that will be in stores!) eeee! Can’t wait for you to see the full story!

The end. I go to bed happy. Nite! xx, Mae

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My dear bloggies,

I am so thrilled to tell you that MaeMae is moving to the Mini Apple, aka Minneapolis, Minnesota! !!!!!! times a million! We are SO EXCITED! BEYOND! My handsome husband, Jason, just accepted a position as a sports reporter at the Star Tribune and we will be moving there at the start of next month. I could burst I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished while growing and learning as a journalist. We are both so incredibly blessed to be able to chase down our individual dreams and live a life together all at the same time.

We can’t wait to find a beautiful new studio, try new foods, navigate through a new city, hang out with Babe the Blue Ox, bike around lakes in the summer and skate on them in the winter, and of course reunite with old fiends and meet new ones. Old friends you ask? I actually grew up in the Mini Apple (well, Bloomington, a suburb) and moved to Phoenix when I was 13. So in a way (although my family doesn’t live there) this is a homecoming for me!

I will miss all my beautiful friends terribly here in Southern California but I’m not worried about staying in touch. We are already an hour and half away from each other (and that’s the close ones!) so we already know how to Skype. And duh, I’ll be back to visit. I will also be continuing to work with all my SoCal clients! I’m always a phone call or email away. And my wedding collection will be at two SoCal stores, Urbanic and Sweet Paper, so you can stop in to see new work as the collection grows.

So there are two things I want to put out there:

1. Come say goodbye at the Trunk Show! Not a bride? Come to the reception from 4-6 PM at Urbanic.

2. MaeMae is hiring! I am looking for a new assistant and an intern. Interested? Know someone who would be the perfect fit? Email me at

Here is Jae after we received his acceptance letter this weekend. What a cutie.

A total dream come true. My own window display at Urbanic! The design and execusion is thanks to my dear friend Ruthi from Camp. She is a straight up genius. A huge huge thanks to Melody at Sweet and Saucy Supply for these gorgeous cake stands. You can rent them here. What a brill idea! The daytime photos were taken by the talented Maureen who works at Urbanic and the nightime photos are by Miss Ru. The window will be up until the trunk show this weekend!!

ALSO! stay tuned for a big announcment TOMORROW!! BUCKLE UP! PS it has nothing to do with babies. or the trunk show. or the collection. But it’s just as exciting (probably more…) than all those things. It kind of has to do with snowmen.

My new motto is (well I say it to myself – yes, when I talk to myself):

“good things take time – fab things take a long time!”

Well it’s the time after the long time – and time to show you all the new goodies!! Here’s what’s in store for you on Tuesday / Oct / 25

1 / website launch!
2 / social stationery launch!!
3 / pop-up shop with 100 Layer Cake !!!

The wedding collection is complete as well and will have an official launch in November!

So there you have it. Real dates. Real commitment. REALLY excited!

Above are some sneaky peekies of what we have been doing over here:

1 / new pony logo designed by
Rose! looks more like my blue pony from my childhood. photos of the original pony coming soon :)
2 / THE CHECKLIST. aka our life over here. the wedding collection is going to be so thorough you won’t know what to do with yourself. we covered everything from 4 different save the date options (magnet, flat, postcard, accordion) to all the day of goodies you would need (labels, signage, tags, coasters, stickers, bottle wrappers – MATCHBOOKS!!)
3 / Oct. 6 – MY 26TH BDAY! nothing but the oldies. too bad I didn’t think to move the pencil before shooting… so excited for this new year. new places to go, new things to accomplish!
4 / yes. MaeMae will be doing WAX SEALS!! baller. shot caller.
5 / the album mock-up. I am working with three different people to make this happen. and they all rock. and so will the album.
6 / calendars…. ahh!
7 / I made 16 greeting cards. buy some postage + get your pen ready.
8 / celebratory banner from my bestie,
Whit. DOFCH = Dome Of Foam Coming Home. a phrase from the swim team days. aka kick hard. it’s taken on a whole new meaning. thanks for the support, whitters.
9 / notebook from Rose that chronicles the 2011 collection: all the things I’m making, specs, pricing, etc. pretty much as important as THE CHECKLIST. but prettier.
10 / all 250 pages of proofs for the wedding collection. 5 people have looked over it. I told you – thorough!!
11 / my newest friend – the eraser. some people think it’s brave to use pen. it’s braver to acknowledge things are going to change. and to be ok with it.
12 / address stamp collection – kind of my favorite thing.

STAY TUNED, bloggies!

and PS we will be moving to a new blog address – but don’t fret – I’ll let you know where to go.

xz, Mae

I am trying to write this without bursting into tears. Oh. Too late. Here they come…

Rose and I “met” in June 2010 after she emailed me in regards to my internship – the only problem – she lived in New Zealand! There was just something about the message she sent me and her sweet blog that made me feel like there could be something there. Since then she has assisted me from afar and we got to know one another through postcards, packages and Skype.

At the beginning of this year she told me that she and her boyfriend, Scott, were “keen” on coming to Lancaster so she could work in the studio with me. WHAT?! I felt so overwhelmed by the idea. It seemed too generous. Too big. She was willing to travel across this world to sit in my little studio? She said she was. So she came! And I will never be the same.

Rose just lit up my heart with her cheerfulness every morning and passion for her craft and MaeMae. With hers and Katie’s help we have finished the wedding collection and a little social stationery collection (launch next month!). But not only did we get a lot of beautiful work done these last 6 weeks (I am just bursting to show you all!) but I learned so much from Rose about what it means to be passionate, risk everything for your dreams, and how to be a superb friend. She is a gem and I miss her immensely. I have found a kindred spirit in her and am so excited for her as she pursues design full time when she returns home. I could go on and on about how lovely and fabulous Rose is but I will end up like last night when I had to say goodbye to her – crying in bed and then consuming an entire loaf of French bread with a stick of butter.

Rose – you have forever changed me and the way I view the world. Can’t wait until we are reunited. Thank you for everything. I am taking good care of the basil plant, Wally, and still polishing off the Hello Dollys.

All my love,


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One of the hardest things about being creative for a living is moving steadily (or at a million miles an hour!) forward daily instead of waiting for a stroke of inspiration to hit you. Sometimes in the middle of a project you just get that creative adrenaline rush and for me it reminds me of racing (when I used to swim in high school and college). You feel so strong and filled with energy. But most days aren’t like that which is why I try to arm myself with a toolbox of font, illustration, color, and style elements that represent the MaeMae brand. I also am always collecting images – on my phone, on my computer, and all over my studio walls. Last Friday I had one of those creative adrenaline rushes and was hurriedly grabbing a bunch of inspiration off my walls and flipping through the four (yes – four) notebooks I am currently taking notes in to start designing some of my social stationery collections. The above images are from various magazines, newspapers, and books and are hanging on my three bulletin boards, and my walls. It’s so funny to me how amongst all the things I have up that these images are so cohesive and perfectly represent the mood of what I am working on. Can’t wait to share the final product in September! Have a beautiful weekend!


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Oh, man. That was funzies. Like for real, one of the most fun nights.

1. samplings from my goodie bag as well as some pieces from the
Ace Hotel and darling stamps from
The Postage Service. (photo by me)

The rest of these photos are by the increds
Amelia Lyon. Thanks for sending these over!

2. Sneak peek of the new collection Marlowe that I created for
Carter + Cook’s table. They did a fab job and it all looked so sweet together.
3 + 4. MaeMae created all the Hitched signage. Woo!
5. The most incredible chandelier ever – a tumble weed. being from the windiest and driest place on God’s green earth I can relate. how magif is that pool?
6. A girl dj. (sorry I don’t know your name!) what a rockstar.
7. I spy
8. Night time hustle. That pool…
Aqualillies. I was most excited to see them. syncro fo life. for real though. I was always at the bottom of the lifts…
10. Dance. Party. So much fun. Highlight.

11. Jae + Mae rocking the space. Thanks for coming and being such a huge help!! Love you, Jae! (photo by my fab intern,

And finally! Check out this incredible stop motion video my talented friend
Heather Kincaid made at Hitched. You can see me talk (briefly… for once) about my work and get my groove on with Jae. Watch out.

HITCHED at Ace Hotel Palm Springs! from
heather kincaid on

Full speed ahead. MaeMae is in full force creative explosion sparkly fiesta. Is that even a thing? So many new custom wedding suites and completed branding to come, but here is a little update on the studio.

The craziness of this year would NOT be possible without my new glittery intern,
Katie. She is heaven sent. She has tirelessly been assembling my goodie bag for Hitched and makes my life so much better. And it’s always great to have company in the studio three days a week! (sorry that you have to listen to me play The Black Keys CD on constant repeat…) Check out
her fun blog here.

The new collection will be finished in mid-February… aka two weeks. aka AHH! I received four of the fifteen collection proofs today and so overjoyed that this is finally happening! If you’re coming to
HITCHED this Sunday you will get to see them :)
Like most artists I have an abundance of inspiration everywhere: all over my walls, in old boxes, tins, and folders, on bookshelves, scribbled into a mishmash of notebooks, electronically in a bajillion different folders on my computer, on my phone… man it never ends. While I am still keeping up all those other collections going strong I now have another source to store images on. I started to use
Pinterst and am enjoying it immensely.  One of my favorite parts is just how all the collected images look together. The two photos above on the right side looked so good randomly stacked on one another. Love those moments.

These two features above have made me giddy these past two weeks. The first is an interview I did for Evie S’s blog
Things of Beauty about my creative process. It was so therapeutic to put into words some things I have been really thinking about and changing. The second feature was on the Martha Stewart wedding blog,
The Bride’s Guide. They asked for images that no one had seen yet so I had to store up some projects. I will be featuring them in the next few weeks. What really touched my heart was three sweet friends of mine who shared the good news about Martha on their blogs. Thanks,
Ru, and
!! xx

“Do not cling to old ways as you step into a new year.” -via
Whit. Photo by
Rewind Recolour.

I have never been more excited for a new year as I am to see 2011 finally here. What a year of growth, thrills, and inspiration. Thank you for your support + encouragement and get ready for everything I have to share with you this year!

Twenty things I am thankful for in 2010
1. provision
2. clients
3. my two interns
4. forgiveness
5. new life-long friends
6. faithful old friends
7. allergy shots
8. devotions
9. falling in love with Chicago
10. life with Jae
11. being published
12. new eats on our street
13. revisiting our honeymoon vaca
14. finding a mentor
15. becoming a mentor
16. discovering my love for styling
17. no bed time
18. Napster
19. more freckles
20. finding a dress for my launch party 

Eleven things I am looking forward to in 2011:
1. energy
2. working with stores
3. a new intern
4. no excuses
5. becoming an aunt
6. manicures
7. doctors, healing + health
8. first NYC trip
9. beating Jae in a rap contest
10. launch party
11. perfecting a chocolate cake reciepe

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