btm_maemae_13As I previously shared, here at MaeMae we have love collaborating with other artists and partners. I am so thrilled to announce that this February we are partnering with an amazing foundation here in town, Be The Match, a non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of patients in need of marrow transplants.

After being connected to Liz over at Be the Match (thanks for the introduction, Melissa!!) I was so inspired by the Liz’s stories of the enthusiasm and passion supporters of Be the Match have for people they love as well as people they don’t even know.  I wanted to create a notecard set that shares the same heart of the foundation and its supporters through unique design, luxe printing, and a beautiful message on the cards.


The design process started with this inspiration board and then I decided to add color through hand painting washes and then applied the washes to patterns from our new wedding collection. The sentiments were fun to come up with because I thought about the people I’m most grateful for and what I would want to say to them. The three messages on the cards are:

Dear ____ , xo _____

Thanks., Love _____

I’m so proud of you.

btm_maemae_03 btm_maemae_01btm_maemae_09

I’m so pleased at how the collection turned out!! These exclusive notecard sets are now available in the shop. When you purchase a set of these notecards, $3 of your purchase directly supports Be The Match’s mission of saving lives of patients through marrow transplants. The funds will be used to help grow the Be The Match Registry so more patients can find their match, provide financial relief for families struggling with uninsured medical costs and advance the science of marrow transplantation. To learn more, visit

We created 100 sets of six notecards which include three designs and are printed on heavy cotton cardstock. They feature beautiful watercolors inside of patterns finished with gold foil. The perfect gift for yourself or that special someone! Share your love and gratitude with the ones who support you the most–while supporting an amazing cause!

Share your own set on social media using the hashtag #maemaegratitude.

btm_maemae_02 btm_maemae_06


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maemae & co. mood board

Creating a mood or inspiration board (both digitally and physically) is an important part of our design process at MaeMae & Co. It sets the tone for the entire project, and acts as a guide as we move through designing each element of the project. However, if you’ve never worked with a mood board before, we realize that the concept can be a bit confusing. Next time you work with a creative who is using a mood board (or next time you make one for yourself!), keep these two tips in mind:

1. It’s all about the feeling: The point of an inspiration board is to create a visual vibe for your project. It is not a place to nail down specifics like exact fonts or images, but rather think of it as creating a world that your brand, website or wedding stationery would live in.

When making a mood board, we focus on defining the color scheme, texture and graphics that best represents the project’s world. Rather than copying those inspirational images exactly, we use them to guide our design choices and find or create similar graphics for your unique project. For example, if we include an photograph of roses and an etched wreath in a mood board – we may combine those two visuals and create a vintage wreath made of roses for the project’s monogram.

2. But, you won’t get what you don’t see: While an inspiration board is about the vibe of the project, we do follow the visuals closely when designing. For example, if there are blocky fonts paired with a vintage script in a mood board – don’t expect to see modern calligraphy in the first design proof. We always encourage our clients to point out anything in the mood board that they feel is missing. So if they have their heart set on modern calligraphy, we always edit the inspiration board to include an image that represents their request. Similarly, if there is something on the mood board that a client isn’t digging, we’ll remove the image and replace it with one that better reflects their idea.

Check out our mood + method blog series, and follow us on instagram for more inspiration!

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This Mood + Method board is for a project that launched this week: Good Stalk! We can’t wait to share the full project with you tomorrow! Here are our notes we paired with this inspiration board to deliver to our clients:

– the eclectic sophisticate, inspired by a designer’s sketchbook and weighted by a clean design sensibility
– graphic whimsy—a style that can stand on it’s own but also creates a platform for varied content/styles
– balance is key— pops of bold/unexpected color are used sparingly within a mainly neutral palette
More tomorrow on the process and full project reveal!

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Elegant and timeless with a hint of moody. Effortless luxury. Feminine content balanced with masculine sensibilities. That’s the essence of this striking mood + method direction we are currently working from to create new branding and website for an awesome event planner. You’re bound to hear a “swoon” anytime a MaeMae team member refers back to this board. More to come when our client’s site launches!

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This board is inspiration for an exciting partnership with a truly fantastic organization in town that works everyday to save lives through bone marrow transplants. We are creating a custom greeting card line for Valentines Day and a portion of all the proceeds will benefit their cause. Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

– Megan
PS. Here’s a little peek at our studio this fall.

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Imagine this ethereal mood board translating (quite literally) into a website. Awesome, right? Well it’s real life and it’s happening soon! Cosmo Muse, the brain-child of our fabulous client Allie, is an inspired lifestyle blog where you can find your daily horoscope amongst other posts inspired by the stars. We can’t wait for the site to launch and we’ll let you know as soon as it does.

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We’re excited to be working with a new branding client and lovely wedding photographer. Her direction is fresh and cool and weighted in old-world elegance. It’s soothing and invigorating at the same time.

Isn’t that floral wallpaper amazing!? We are really excited about some floral and French Chinoiserie designs we are working on for the new wedding collection.

– Team MaeMae

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Lori and I just finished up some new designs for one of our fav clients who is a witty writer and tasteful curator. We recently starting implementing a new delivery method for proofs. We wanted to make sure we were there (whether physical here in the studio or via Skype/phone) to walk our client through the designs to give explanations about decisions made and field any initial questions. This helps us get to the good and relevant edits so much faster and builds such a stronger relationship between us and our clients. Looking forward to our first meeting tomorrow to show off these new ideas!

See the last Mood + Method board here and keep up with us on the ‘gram here!

xx, Mae

When we create project proposals we always include a style board to show our prospective client our vision behind the general mood and tone for the project. While visuals alone absolutely cannot lead the project they are a fabulous entry point into setting the stage for what’s to come.

We are starting this new series to show a peek into our creative process over here and we are kicking it off with a really exciting rebrand for a sweet and fabulously talented videographer here in town. The mood for the brand is joyful, lighthearted, welcoming + celebratory while grounded with modern typography and a palette of black, grey, yellow and gold. All of the illustrated elements allude to an artisan touch and some wit throughout the brand.

Working on something this cheery is refreshing as we exit out -20 weather from this week! Full disclosure – I haven’t left my place in over a week. Thank goodness for full service buildings (and curriers… and husbands who go out into the tundra for you :)

Have a wonderful weekend! xx, Mae

ps see what other projects we are concepting out on our Pintrest board. We are refreshing our Muriel suite and I am obsessing over where it is going.

Say hello to Hugo, our modern French sophisticate. He’s obsessed with clean lines, vintage labels and wearing suspenders every single day.

1. A vintage wedding gown that oozes drama
2. this chic helmet accompanies Hugo as he scoots around the countryside
3. vintage french packaging pops in lavendar
4. Hugo’s mother uses this wallpaper in her foyer, and he secretly loves it
5. this Giambattista Valli dress, I mean…the texture is insane!
6. clean and simple packaging with a nod to vintage
7. loopy, romantic lettering
8. Hugo just purchased this modern take on a classic bag for his lady friend, she thinks it’s perfect
9. pink + gold = total sophistication (and that white glove doesn’t hurt either)
10. blue, French check
11. an antique print, perfect for a kitchen in the country
12. the secret entrance to Hugo’s city flat

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Katie, our Studio Manager is pretty serious about her obsessions. They’ve ranged from an intense love for hearts and lips to pineapples and now zebra! (Which MaeMae fully supports, as zebras are cousins of the pony) Even though Katie’s husband won’t let her decorate their entire house with the print, she gets to indulge in daily conversations about zebras with her twenty-month old son since it’s his favorite animal. And because Katie just returned to Minnesota after a 12-year hiatus, she’s really looking forward to sporting that gorgeous coat seen below for her first winter back.

While digging through past MaeMae work, Katie found the cute zebra illustration (#5 above and seen in the notecard on top). We liked it so much we used it to create new notecards and envelopes, and we want to share them with you! Enter to win this zebra set (personalized with your initials) by leaving a comment below and telling us what you’re currently obsessing over. We’ll pick an entry randomly and announce the winner on the blog, Thursday, Oct. 17! We’ll be giving away more personalized notecards and envelopes over the next few months, so stay tuned!

And for even more animal print love, check out Katie’s Animal Planet and MaeMae’s I’m a Zoo Pinterest boards, we seriously can’t get enough!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

We’re pretty excited about the arrival of fall at MaeMae headquarters. While summer is beautiful in Minnesota, fall is pretty special as well. From pulling out chunky knit sweaters and leather boots to visiting apple orchards and consuming pumpkin EVERYTHING, there’s so much to look forward to – including Style Architects’ Fall Trend Report!

For those not familiar, Style Architects is a Minneapolis-based creative services company that specializes in event planning and styling. And they’re one of our main go-to’s for on-trend style, interiors…and well, everything. This year, MaeMae was fortunate to get in on the fun and had a custom invitation featured in the Fall Trends Report! Christina Holm-Sandock, president and creative director of Style Architects, included Summer Watkins’ engagement party invitation as one of her favorite autumn finds and we couldn’t be more flattered! And because we wanted to keep the good fall vibes rolling, we also pulled together an outfit that’s perfect for an autumn engagement party – so fun!

Your turn, what’s your favorite part of fall?

xo, Anna

1: Essie 2: J.Crew 3: Zara 4: Anthropologie 5: Acne 6: Chanel 7: Fab 

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Say hello to Billingsworth, MaeMae’s latest muse. He’s the guy that mixes a mean martini, sports buffalo plaid and views the world through rose- (gold) tinted glasses. Do you know him?

1. Perfect mix of texture with the shirt and leather
2. embellishments soften up this otherwise solid font 
3. the warm texture of the chair mixed with the sleek lucite table makes this room Billingworth’s favorite for entertaining
4. a soft twist on the industrial trend
5. this bold vintage print was a gift from Grandma Billingsworth
6. the best mix is something old with something shiny and new!
7. gorgeous contrast between the stripes and checks
8. Billingsworth gave these flats to his lady love, he thinks she’ll adore the masculine elements with the feminine shape
9. the line between these tiles breaks up the otherwise perfect pattern
10. sweet romantic swirls and clean type
11. the linen fabric makes this modern print feel more organic

And before you go, please let me introduce myself! My name is Anna and I’m the newest addition to team MaeMae. As the public relations intern, you’ll see me posting around here quite often, so please feel free to reach out, ask questions or just say hello. I’m really excited to be here and am looking forward to sending you bits of MaeMae world content on the daily!

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This post is so fun to share with you all because it brings so many of my different passions together. I grew up a lover of water, oceans, lakes (and baths…) and swam competitively until my junior year of college when I put down the chlorine perfume and picked up the computer mouse. Girl’s gotta get a degree.

Still an admirer of swimwear I was so thrilled when I began working with the beautiful and amazingly talented designer Marysia Reeves (of Marysia Swim) a little over two years ago. We have partnered together during her fashion show seasons to create her lookbooks, invitations, promotional materials, a new website, tags, and packaging. I love Marysia’s visions for each line and it is always so exciting to see into the brain of another creative.

Last season I created a flamingo pattern for the resort collection that little feathered friend has been getting a lot of attention lately! The suit is being sold all over the world and has been featured in amazing online shopping sites like Moda Operandi and Shopbop, in Glamour Magazine (how bomb is that parrot necklace?!!) and even the stunning fashion blogger Aimee Song (of Song of Style) has sported the print we created for Marysia! I grew up addicted to Anthropologie so my mind was completely blown when Marysia shared with me last week that the custom suit she designed for Anthro with my flamingo print was the bestseller at!!! The suit was also featured in the catalog but I haven’t been able to track a copy down. The suit has been getting fantastic reviews (!!) and you can purchase it here.

Marysia has some amazing new ideas brewing for the next season and I can’t wait to show you more collaborations! Thank you, my friend, for working with me on your creations!! Can’t wait for more!

Bloggies! Are you still out there!? I need blogging therapy. Or a blog slave master.

Have you been soaking in all the speedo and swim cap goodness these games!? As an ex-competive swimmer (and child syncro swimmer) the Olympics are the only time all of us chlorine lovers really get to see any action, and I have been loving every second. Second to swim my favorite sport to watch is track. I just love racing. It’s clear. It’s fair. No points, just times. It’s your turn to race now to the shop to get 50% off all of our Syncro Swim Girl cards! Use code olympicdreams at checkout until the games are over on Aug. 12. And tune into the syncro finals tomorrow (sadly the American team won’t be competing – but still so beautiful to watch!)

1 / poster
2 / London
3 / 38 Commerce
4 / our syncro swimmers got new suits for the new season! stay tuned for new designs in the shop!
5 / Sticks Stones logo
6 / brilliant type creation
7 / heavy weight
8 / flames
9 / so funny. the cap keeps your hair dry underwater. yeah right.
10 / GO USA!!
11 / where were these caps when I swam??

Want to see more swim/summer inspo? Check out my Pinterest!

It has been quite the journey from starting up MaeMae in my college studio to working on my debut wedding collection album that is launching next month. I have learned so much about the creative process, customer service, and asking for help. These past two weeks have been fully dedicated to getting the collection to the printers and I could NOT have done it without my fab assistant
Katie and my intern – ROSE!
Rose has been doing work for MaeMae from far away (New Zealand!) for the past year and this summer made the long journey all the way to my studio to wok here. If that doesn’t blow your mind I don’t know what will. We are having so much fun designing away and learning NZ lingo (my favorite word is “roggie” = roger aka OK).

Above is the last collection inspiration board for Winston, my desert-loving character. Yes he has a pet llama.
1 /
2 /
3 /
4 /
5 /
6 /
7 /
8 /
9 /

PS I will be launching some new branding elements in Sept – what do you think of the these triangle number markers??

This spring and summer I have been working with the extremely talented designer behind one of the most beautiful swim collections –
Marysia Swim. Even though I’ve asked her several times, I just don’t get where she comes up with so many fresh and innovative designs for her swimwear. So brilliant. Marysia and I worked to make her brand more bold + modern. We worked on her lookbook (which is where I got that sneak peek photo in the inspo board above!) and lots of other printed pieces for the fashion shows this summer. Check out her last collection here. Marysia graciously asked me to create my “Monday Must List” for her
blog. This is what I’m musting!

/ 1 /
Beyonce’s 4 album. I listen to it when I wake up, work, clean, cook, workout, you name it. I even got a bruise dancing in my office when I ran into the door jam. Wow. TMI. You have to watch
this video of the making of her album. I’ve watched it 4 times. Inspiring for all creative females (and business owners!) / 2 / Kate Spade
notecards. Brilliant cards to send to a friend for having you over for a dinner party. Cheeky yet classy. / 3 /
Jill Sander skirt. Her last collection was beyond beyond beyond. I love the styling in this photo as well. / 4 /
Eberjay Colette Bra. Amazing underneath something sheer. Best by itself though… / 5 / Olimpia Zagnoli’s
illustrations. I can’t get enough of Jill Sander’s last collection and a framed piece from Olimpia Zagnoli in my bedroom would be perfection. / 6 / Diane Von Furstenberg
iPhone case in hot pink. Purchasing today. LOVE. I have been waiting for half a year for her to finally make it for the new iPhone. Gotta look chic texting away. / 7 / Alessi Calumet
watch in orange. I love the simplicity and boldness of this watch. It feels feminine – but not soft. / 8 /
Covergirl LipPerfection. Best lipstick – EVER. And I’ve tried them all – and then never wear them anywhere. I actually wear this out. Daring. Who knew you could buy it at TARGET for $5! Stays on all day, not drying, and the compliments won’t stop when you’re wearing it. I recently had a 3 year old tell me she liked my “chapstick.” I’m winning them all. I have it in their two brightest shades – Spellbound (bright pink) and Flame (hot red). / 9 /
Miu Miu glitter + suede bow peep toe. What’s not to love! The shape is brilliant, the mix of warm leather and girly glitter is perfection. The heel is sturdy and not sky-high so you can actually wear these all day with something more toned down. / 10 /
Marysia Swim Sardina maillot. The most fashionable take on the classic red swim suit. Watch out, Pamela. And PS it’s reversible! Come to mama!

Say hello to Quimby. He equally loves linen and lacquered paint. He used to think that was weird – now he’s embracing it.

Have a beautiful weekend. xx, Mae

1. Quimby uses these to give all of his host gifts.
highlight. your whole body.
3. illustrations created for sweet Quimby
4. I’d
wear it. Sass + Bide have hands down the best ad campaigns.
5. I am totally judging
this bottle by it’s label. gorg branding.
6. if you haven’t seen
the whole project your life isn’t complete.
7. love the contrast.
blocky but organic. love love love.
9. want to learn how to use a brush
like she does.
10. everything
modori is magnif.
11. perfect 10 in
design sexiness.