maemae_branding_maemae_co_2 maemae_branding_maemae_co_3 maemae_branding_maemae_co_4 maemae_branding_maemae_co_5 maemae_branding_maemae_co_6 maemae_branding_maemae_co_7 maemae_branding_maemae_co_8 maemae_branding_maemae_co_9 maemae_branding_maemae_co_10Welcome to the new MaeMae & Co. website! A new site, a new name, and a new team.

We’ve been sitting on so many cool things we’ve been wanting to share, and today is the day! I’ve written this post in my head several times and today I walked over to work at 6AM through the snow to finally finish it and present our big reveal!

A little over a year ago things really started shaking up at MaeMae. The first change was moving my office out of the spare bedroom into the main living space of our condo as Team MaeMae grew from just me to a team of four.  In this living room we did some pretty cool things together: we worked with Jenna Bush Hager on a sweet baby announcement for Mila, saw a MaeMae print on a swim suit at Anthropologie, began a new adventure of photo styling (and hand modeling…), experimented with new wedding stationery styles (see more on that here), designed brands for really cool people and companies including The American Edit, and created the biggest and baddest wedding invitation for my girl Summer which was featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. It has been so incredible and humbling to see how much stronger my company has become with the help and dedication of my smart and hardworking team. Their presence also forced me to have a clean house and to actually get dressed everyday. Well some days I made exceptions.

During all of this experimentation, exploration, and creating, we thought, hey, four girls in one small condo living room isn’t enough. Let’s invite some friends over. We began collaborating with some fabulous creatives in town: we shot photos with Wing from Canary Grey, played with fruit and flowers alongside Jackie from Munster Rose, and made the epic MaeMae Movie (more on that next week!) with Maribeth from Hello Sunshine Films. It has been so cool to learn how to work alongside other artists in different mediums. I’ve learned so much about preparation, how to explore ideas further, and how other creatives process and see things.

With a packed house (and a patient husband who is also awesome at arranging furniture so we all fit, thanks, Jae!) we were outgrowing our workspace, company name, and website and it was time for some change!

I started MaeMae Paperie in February 2008 while I finished my senior year of college (you can listen to an interview where I share more about that here!). I had no idea what was ahead and no real plan of how to get anywhere, but I had a lot of passion for design and paper and a strong feeling that this company was what I was supposed to be doing. Through all of the peaks and valleys over the past six years, MaeMae has continued to be my calling. Currently that still includes paper, but extends into other visual and interactive outlets – mainly our branding projects which involve website design, strategy, photo styling, and more. As we continue to add to our services, grow as a team, and collaborate with other creatives and vendors, I wanted a company name that better encompassed what we do everyday and a site to showcase and explain how you can work with us. So that is what we have done! The name MaeMae & Co. represents more than just me, more than just paper.

Paper will always be a gigantic part of what we create and it is something I am even more passionate about now than when I started the company. Expect to see lots of new wedding and branding stationery from the new MaeMae & Co. Our company motto is also rooted in the foundation of the company: People before paper. While it can mean a multitude of things in different situations, at the heart it means that the people we work with are more important than the end product. The guests you’re inviting to the wedding are more important than the invitation. Providing great customer service is more important than edge painting your business card. So while the name and scope has expanded, the heart to put people first will always remain.

While the name change and website redesign was being developed, we simply could not continue to work in my house anymore and we made the big move (two blocks down the street to be exact…) to a beautiful loft in downtown Minneapolis where we have room to continue shooting the MaeMae Movie, organize our inventory, hang inspiration, play with more fruit, style more photos and make more messes, send Martha a custom wedding suite, teach styling seminars, and have room to breathe.

So many great new things mean there are so many talented and caring people to thank for making it possible. Thank you, Jason, for helping me carry the weight of owning a small business and for showing me what it means to have grace and perseverance to make dreams come true (cue me tearing up at my desk). Thank you, Mama and Daddy, for helping in every possible way you can think of from afar and for the encouragement you provide through emails, cards, gifts, calls, and visits. Thank you brother, Colson, for thinking I’m so much cooler and bigger than I ever will be and for flooding your Facebook with posts about MaeMae. Thank you brother, Spencer, for inspiring me through your hard work and incredible determination. Thank you, my Gonzalez family, for loving me even through my incessant working while on vacation together (but I am getting better at not doing that!). Thank you to so many of my sweet friends who constantly check in on how MaeMae is doing, send inspiration, and extend grace and understanding when I get my work/life priorities messed up. Thank you to my first clients who believed in me and MaeMae. Thank you to all of our clients, because with out you this doesn’t exist at all. Thank you, Team MaeMae, for bringing so much peace to my life, for giving the greatest care to all our clients, and for filling this studio with your creativity, hard work, and wonderful ideas. Thank you, Katie, for your patience and vision as we transformed and shaped MaeMae from the messy ground up. Thank you, Anna, for making things happen so seamlessly and for always being so willing to help out above and beyond your job description. Thank you, Lori, for your dedication to making beautiful things and for putting in the research and extra time to make that happen. Thank you, Ashley, for your amazing work behind the scenes and for being a catalyst for all of this change and great new work.

And so, with much gratitude, I present the new MaeMae & Co. Thanks to those of you that have followed us since the start, and hello to all of you we are just meeting!

xx, Megan

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