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Thank You For your inquiry.

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to send me a message!!

Want to work together??
If your project looks like a good fit for the studio, I will reach out to you by **July 12** (I am currently out of the studio for an extended time) to schedule a time to connect via phone or in person to discuss you, your vision and next steps.

Have questions about starting your own business or need creative advice?
I am unable to respond to invitations for coffee or answer business questions. Instead, I am coordinating biyearly gatherings at my Minneapolis studio limited to 12 guests. Want to join us? Send me an email entitled "Save Me a Spot" with your name, website or IG, and one question you want to ask/discuss. Our next gathering is August 21, 2017, from 12-2P in Minneapolis, MN.

Looking for an internship or job?
I am not hiring or accepting intern applications at this time and I am unable to respond to related inquiries.

Looking for wedding stationery?
In 2015 I stopped creating wedding stationery to pursue creative direction. You can follow my adventures at



Megan Gonzalez, Owner
MaeMae & Co.


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